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Become a Private Investor of Abigail Homes in CCS Village. Purchase an Affordable Abigail Designed Investment Home for affordable rentals in CCSVillage.

This is an Age-Advantaged Community, that recognizes, engages and supports all ages. We have put forth intentional efforts to make ageing and youth two of our greatest assets in a unique community called CCS-Village. There are members of all generations working towards an intergenerational community.

Within our community Abigail Housing provides all residents safe, affordable housing, where you can work and play and have access to schools, retail, medical facilities, transportation and a healthy environment while living independently, co-operatively and affirmatively. 

This village is comprised of 2 acres of leased land owned by Ken and Gail Acton and Glenn McConkey. The community supports a business centre, shop, club room, health and wellness centre, and is in a location of advantage for serving the greater community of Grey Bruce with a population of 161,277 persons.

It is low maintenance living, with snow removal, grass cutting, and gardens attended by a professional maintenance crew. Innovative industries and businesses through internet access are welcome in this rural global community. We are located in Georgian Bluffs on beautiful Georgian Bay. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs or immigrants to start a new life. Visit www.ccsvillage.com; www.ccscare.co

 Frequently asked questions

What is the primary advantage of leasing land?
When you lease your land you become a partner with CCS Village – Abigail Homes (CCS), a long-term relationship that enhances your home and community value. Both you and CCS are committed to ensuring the community is an outstanding place to live for years to come. The main advantage, when compared to the cost of buying, is that you retain the down payment you would need for the land, so you can invest it, use the money to offset living expenses, or just save it for a rainy day!
What are the other advantages of’ leasing versus owning land?

Often the cost of Home Ownership with your land may surpass the amount of your lease payment. When you own your land the cost includes professional property management and other services for which you will pay extra. Also included in your lease payments are the community amenities you’ll enjoy, such as a swimming pool, spas, clubhouse, community centre, internet cafe and library.
What are the advantages of living in an inter generational community?

One of the nicest things about living in an inter generational community is that you will meet many people your age who share similar interests. You’ll love having friends to join for dinner, and neighbors to meet up at the clubhouse to enjoy the activities that your community offers. You will be able to work, volunteer and complete life projects with younger generations. (Affirmative Living) This is YOUR time in a community that offers you all the great activities and friendly people that allow you to enjoy it.

Am I responsible for yard maintenance?
We have a staff that maintains lawns, in addition to that we have full time maintenance to handle the needs of the pool area, clubhouse and other surrounding areas to keep them looking great. If you wish to volunteer for any of these activities you may do so.

What other ways would professional management benefit me?
Professional management provides complete community maintenance through hands-on- enforcement of the community regulations. They also maintain the resources to correct problems that may arise in emergency situations or long-term capital requirements. This means there will be no emergency or unplanned assessments. Our homeowners must meet approved standards of residency, resulting in a better quality of life, as well as a lower stress living environment

What happens if I want to sell my house?
Homeowners in our land lease communities may choose to sell their home independently, or have our sales staff represent them in the sale. CCS representation assists by increasing the opportunity for the home to be viewed by potential buyers.

Is it more difficult to sell a home in a land lease community?
It is actually easier because the cost of the land is not included in the selling price of the home. This lower home pricing appeals to considerably more home-buyers.

Age-Friendly Rural Community

At CCS Village our services, settings and structures enable people to age actively.

We recognize the wide range of capacities and resources among older people.

We respond and are flexible to age related needs and preferences.

We respect the decisions and lifestyle choices of older adults.

We protect older adults who are vulnerable.

We promote the inclusion of older adults with their contribution to all areas of community life.

We believe that the physical environment is an important determinant of physical and mental health, and have created a supportive healthy environment, with outdoor and indoor spaces, and a building design to enhance physical well-being and quality of life, accommodating individuality and independence, fostering social interaction and enabling people to conduct daily activities. We encourage walking on internal footpaths. Available are accessible washrooms and adaptations to help seniors feel safe and secure.

We encourage work and play with activities that foster socialization between younger and older members of the community.

We provide transportation to allow residents access to working, shopping or going to appointments.

Our cost of housing is affordable and provides independent housing with care services when health and finances allow.

Mortgages are available for homes on leased land through RBC.


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